Well, send us your questions ...  We will put the Q & A here.


 1.  "I pasted in the text that I wrote, but the web site did not seem to accept it.  The text field just came out blank, no story!"

     Ouch.  Our apologies.  This site does sometimes fail to accept text entered into the text field.  Please e-mail us the text (and your name), and we can enter your story from this end.  

     Please also let us know what browser you used (e.g., Internet Explorer) and what operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS10, Linux).  With this background information, we can debug the problem.   


2.  Who is behind the World-Wide Day in Science? 

     WWDS is the brainchild of me, Will Rifkin.  I am currently the Director of the Science Communication Program at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. 

     The Day in Science started as a class project for second-year university science students in 2003.  Having university students create a career guide in science for a high school audience is what they call 'authentic assessment'. 

     It is a real-world task that gives insights into teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and ethics.

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